About Us

Guarented was founded in the year 2015, by three brilliant alumni of IIT-KGP. During the early phases, Guarented functioned as a platform that rented out appliances and furniture products to customers in Bangalore. As business grew, we saw that more and more customers wanted to buy the goods they were renting from us and that paved the way forward for us. The core team then put together a team of skilled technicians and repairmen to start refurbishing and restoring used and unboxed goods for sale.

With it's phenomenal success came the idea of manufacturing our own furniture because that allowed us to control both quality and price of the end products. Today, Guarented rents out, sells and manufactures furniture products and is one of the leading players in this space.

Our team mostly consists of like minded people who deeply care about providing the average Indian with the best household products. We believe that the consumer durables renting space and the second hand goods market hold immense potential because the demand for budget friendly, good quality products is high. And that's why we're here!

Today, Guarented is the best company in Bangalore for both rented, used and new household products. Take a peek at our customer testimonials to see for yourself!