Deliveries, Return and Cancellation

Time Period
you change your mind after placing an order, you have seven days (07) from the order confirmation to cancel the entire order or a portion of it before it is shipped.
As we process your refund, a 2.5% cancellation charge will be deducted from the total amount you paid. 
Prior to the cancellation, any cashback received on the order will be subtracted from credits. 
The cashback amount will be subtracted from the reimbursement for the returned item if the same cashback was used in full or in part to make an additional order.
How Do I Make a Request for Cancellation?
  1. Go to the "My Account" "My Orders" area.
  2. To cancel an item, click the "Cancel Item" button next to it.
  3. Please contact our Customer Service team to request a cancellation if you checked out as a Guest User (i.e., you haven't registered on Zefurn).
  4. To understand the refund procedure and timeframes, please review our Refund Policy.
Product Return
Time Period
Within 07 (seven) days of the item being delivered to you, you have the option to return it. Requests for returns are not accepted after 07 (seven) days have passed since the delivery date.
Return Eligibility
Damaged - If the product that was delivered to you is broken. Customers can select not to return the item in the case of minor damage (such as chip-off/scratch/peel-off, ripped stitches on upholstery or carpets) and request a carpenter service from Zefurn to repair the damage.
Defective If the product that was given to you is damaged, A manufacturing error that prevents the product from being used as intended is known as a fault (for e.g. imbalance, wooden joints opening etc). Please note that appearance or texture variations that are inherent to the material used (particularly in solid wood goods) are not faults.

Difference: If the item you receive differs (in size, shape, or colour) from the image of the item on our website.
Missing - If there are items missing from the product that was delivered to you.

Not Functional - If the product that was sent to you was nonfunctional when it arrived, this could happen with battery-operated or electrically powered devices.
What Is Not Returnable?
Installation Concerns - Since Zefurn does not provide wall mounting installation services, any return requests made by customers who are unable to have their products wall mounted will not be acknowledged.

Relocation - Please be aware that Zefurn will not be liable for any product damage if an item is eventually disassembled for relocation, etc. after it has been sent to you in fine condition.

Start a Return Request

Click Photo
You should take a minimum of two to three clear photos of the item in question before filing a return request. The instructions for taking the photos are listed below.

  1. One or two photographs should clearly display the full product, and one or two images should focus on the damaged or defective part so that the pertinent issue may be seen.
  2. The image file shouldn't be larger than 5 MB.
Raise A Return Request
Registered Users:
  • Login to Your Account > Go to the¬†My Order¬†section in ‚ÄėMy Account‚Äô.
  • Click on ‚ÄėReturn This Product‚Äô next to the product name that you want to return
  • Select the ‚ÄėReason‚Äô and upload the supporting images
  • Write your comments in the dialog box provided and submit the request
Guest Users (i.e. you have not registered on
  • Click on¬†Return and Refund¬†under the ‚ÄėNeed Help‚Äô section on the website/app
  • Fill in all the required details like Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number
  • Select the ‚ÄėReason‚Äô, ‚ÄėSub Reason‚Äô, ‚ÄėSub Reason Type‚Äô and fill in your order details
  • Upload the supporting images (maximum 3, based on the image guidelines explained above) and write your comments in the dialog box provided. The file size should¬†not exceed 5 MB
  • Submit the return request.